F4A Trucker Wages Video: No Preempting State Labor Laws

Professional truck drivers: Call your representatives and tell them to VOTE NO on any and all legislation which would negatively affect trucker wages by preempting State Labor laws or prevent drivers from ever being paid for working time. Use the info in this F4A Trucker Wages Video, which was made with permission based on the infographic on AskTheTrucker.com.



This video features:

  • Image insertion;
  • Text sketched on a whiteboard;
  • Sketching to an image;
  • Smooth transitions;
  • A Strong Call to Action; and
  • Everything perfectly timed with the music.
The video management features:

  • A Custom Splash Image showing before the video begins; and
  • A Call to Action appearing as text above the video at a specified time.
Splash image for video about trucker wages and the F4A.

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