Learn about NKBJ Media Solutions, video and app creation and managementIf business are going to succeed in today’s economy, those in charge had better learn about the use of video and mobile apps very quickly.

There are a few gigantic problems, though:

  • Which programs and services should you use?
  • Isn’t the learning curve pretty stiff?
  • Doesn’t it take a long time to develop something that looks professional and reflects well on you, your family, your church, your organization, or your business?

In promoting their own business, NKBJ InfoNet, LLC, Mike and Vicki Simons learned how to create videos ranging:

  • from the simple to the sophisticated;
  • from image-based to text-based to video background-based;
  • from those with stills to those with animations;
  • from music-only to voice-only to a combination of music and voice;
  • from live on-camera to off-camera;
  • and more.

Then they began to create videos for others and NKBJ Media Solutions was born.

Vicki has also become skilled in creating mobile apps for Android devices (that can be published on the Google Play Store).

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