Testimonials and Endorsements

We’ve created a lot of videos over the years, sometimes with testimonials and endorsements and sometimes without.

Testimonials and EndorsementsSome of our video recipients have said the following…




“I highly recommend Vicki Simons’ educational and promotional videos. Attractive images with accurate and compelling narrative are presented efficiently with superb voice quality. Vicki may be a perfectionist when it comes to producing a quality product!”

— Mary Ann Wallace



“Mike and Vicki Simons did very well creating a complimentary short video for my business, Mobile Welding And Repair. They helped me and made sure I had the video in whatever format I needed it in to suit my needs. I will definitely use them when I need help with future videos! Thanks so much!”

— Derice Hochstetler, Mobile Welding and Repair

(Note: The video we made for Derice is on our site here.)



“The video creation services of Mike and Vicki Simons and NKBJ Media Solutions offer high quality services at reasonable prices. They produced videos for my successful campaign for Aiken County Council Chairman which featured attractive transitions and effects, accurate information, and efficient presentation. Mike and Vicki do good work.”

— Gary Bunker



“Our good friends and Trucker Advocates Michael Simons and Vicki Simons Good work guys!”

— Ask The Trucker Blog (1) and Trucking Social Media (2).



“Aiken Independent Inc.’s Board of Directors voted to contract with Vicki Simons to be our webmaster from the very beginning.

“While working on the site, she created 3 top-notch videos:
– the first described the purpose of the site and its major sections;
– the second listed the functions of an Android mobile app that she created to work in conjunction with the site; and
– the third announced an open house Christmas drop-in event that we held in December 2016.

“The videos are attractive, engaging, and pleasing to watch.

“I highly recommend Vicki Simons and NKBJ Media Solutions for video creation and management services.”

— Deedee Vaughters



“Michael has been a great friend and a wonderful help to us in getting started with our media impact. He has undergone a great deal of preparation for this work, and it has shown in our first two videos! Many thanks, Brother!”

— Jeff Setzer (shared via LinkedIn)

(Note: The videos we made for Jeff and Heather are on our site here and here.)



“I would say the videos are all very professionally done, using eye-catching graphics and video/audio techniques to grab the viewer’s attention.”

— Teri Sullivan



“Thanks, Michael and Vicki, for the fabulous product video. Your company did a wonderful job and it was so easy to download to my web pages and social media. I absolutely plan to use your services again and cannot recommend you highly enough.”

–Doris McCurry

(Note: The video we made for Doris McCurry is on our site here.)



“Mike was extremely helpful and generous in making my 70-second promotional video. He provided two video iterations in a short time period and followed up with me to ask for my feedback.

“Mike is responsive, collaborative, and insightful. He goes above and beyond to deliver an exceptional product and provide extraordinary service.

“I recommend Mike, Vicki, and, NKBJ Media Solutions for your video and coaching needs. Thank you so much for your work, Mike!”

— Kyle Crooke (via LinkedIn)

(Note: The video Mike made for Kyle Crooke is on our site here.)



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