About Our Supplies at NKBJ Microgreens

We cheerfully share about our supplies at NKBJ Microgreens so that you may have complete confidence in the high quality of the products we grow.

For total confidence, we use only organic and non-GMO seed when growing NKBJ Microgreens.We use only

  • organic coconut coir as our growing media;
  • non-GMO seed that, where possible, is also USDA organic; and
  • seed trays made from BPA-free food safe polypropylene plastic.

Furthermore, where needed, we use food grade hydrogen peroxide for sanitizing seed before we plant it.

We have chosen coconut coir because — as Washington State University puts it — it is a “Readily renewable resource.”


NO Pesticides!

We never use pesticides in any stage of growing our microgreens.


Our Philosophy About Our Supplies

We look for the best products at competitive prices, not necessarily the lowest prices.

Reading reviews is important to us!

We will experiment with various seeds to determine their growth and yield.

To ensure that you, our customers, won’t be disappointed, we want consistent yields of high quality products, grown in ideal conditions.

Providing painstaking attention to the entire microgreens growing process is so important!

Purchase with confidence because you’re going to love the microgreens you’ll get from us.

Author: Vicki Simons