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Education about microgreens.

Slow Masticating Juicer

The Slow Masticating Juicer / Cold Press Juicer listed here produces high nutrient fruit, vegetable, microgreens, and/or wheatgrass juice.

Microgreens Christmas Tree Platters

Those in the holiday mood may use microgreens Christmas tree platters or other specialty platters. We were inspired by these…

Your Options for Getting Microgreens

If you live or work in the greater Aiken, SC, area, you may wonder about your options for getting microgreens….

Reserved Microgreens – For Your Choice Of Products

Our Reserved Microgreens option works the same way that it does as reserving a table at a restaurant, to make…

20 Ideas


5-Day Microgreens Challenge

What is a 5-Day Microgreens Challenge? Our 5-Day Microgreens Challenge is a fun challenge to use microgreens in one’s food…

Microgreens Loyalty Card – Get Products for FREE!

What is a Microgreens Loyalty Card? The Microgreens Loyalty Card issued by NKBJ Microgreens has been designed to reward our…

Live Microgreens Demonstrations List

This is a Live Microgreens Demonstration list, meaning a listing of all of the demos that Michael Simons has conducted…