Comparing Microgreens

Let’s look at comparing microgreens with a few other well known healthy products.

Speckled Pea seed just starting germinationWhen a seed is planted, it goes through a number of different stages until it becomes a full sized plant.

For our purposes, we are only interested in maturing the plants through the microgreens stage, which means that the seed goes through germination from the sprout stage to the seedling stage.

Microgreens may be grown in soil, in coconut coir, in another growing media, or even grown hydroponically.

Compare microgreens with

  • Sprouts, that are grown in water;
  • Baby greens, which are a step beyond microgreens; and
  • Vegetables, which come from full-size plants.

Feel free to look at our page about getting a second harvest of microgreens from a single sowing of seed.


Author: Vicki Simons

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