Grown to Order

Unlike other agricultural crops, our microgreens are grown to order.


Grown to orderLike Food “Made to Order” at Restaurants

In a manner very similar to restaurants which prepare food that is “made to order” — instead of being mass produced and left to age — we take great satisfaction in growing microgreens for our customers that are harvested on the day that they are delivered.

Orders of multiple kinds of microgreens — with different maturity times — can be grown to be harvested on the target date.

Besides dates when we plan to be at a Farmers Market, we plan to harvest microgreens on Thursdays, so that area restaurant chefs will have a fresh supply before the weekend.


What About Farmers Markets?

We grow microgreens for sale at Farmers Markets based upon what we think our customers will buy that day.

NKBJ Microgreens Subscription Program: Delivery to Homes & Businesses

At our very first Farmers Market appearance on Saturday, October 19, 2019, we sold out of two popular microgreens.

One way to avoid wanting to buy products from us but not finding them for sale at a Farmers Market:

  • is to become an NKBJ Microgreens Subscription Program member who orders a quantity of products that are then grown to order, and
  • have them delivered on the date of harvest.

As a reminder, our Subscription Program members get our best prices.

And we deliver to homes and businesses in the greater Aiken, SC, area.


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Author: Vicki Simons

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