Grown With Love – What Does It Mean?

“Grown with love in Aiken County, SC” is something that we here at NKBJ Microgreens say about our products.

Grown with love in Aiken County, SC

But what does that mean?

You may be aware that plants respond to their environment and external stimuli.

Although any microgreens grower can provide the right growing environment — including growing media, light and water — we go above and beyond that by speaking lovingly and encouragingly to our seeds and seedlings.

Michael also touches the plants to let them feel his enthusiasm and excitement about how well they are growing.

You may think that’s a little weird, but from an intention point of view, you get the benefit of our love, no matter which type of our microgreens you buy. 🙂

Want a little proof that a plant that is complimented does well compared to one that is spoken to negatively?

By the way, here is a list of our crops currently grown with love.