The Growth Time of Microgreens Varies

We use the term growth time to refer to how long it takes us to process seed through the harvest of our microgreens.

Steps and Growth Time Vary Based on SeedOthers may call this time frame by different names, including

  • days to maturity,
  • growing time,
  • maturity time, or
  • turnaround time.

Some of the larger seeds we grow go through all of the following steps:

  • sanitization,
  • soak time,
  • blackout time,
  • germination time,
  • growth time, and
  • harvest.

Syncing Growth Time for Harvest

The challenge of syncing different microgreens to mature on harvest dayAs we mentioned on our Grown to Order post and Subscription Program page, we have to coordinate or sync when to start growing our different types of microgreens so that they are ready for harvest on the same day.

This can be quite challenging, but also quite fun, because each type of microgreens has its own “personality” (so to speak).

Each type of seed goes through its own steps and the amount of time in each step.

We love to talk positively to our microgreens and encourage them to grow up beautifully. 🙂

Author: Vicki Simons

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