I Can Grow My Own Microgreens

Yes, absolutely, you can grow your own microgreens.

Harvesting microgreens from speckled pea seed

Here is what you’ll need to have to grow them:

  • Trays;
  • Growing media;
  • Seeds;
  • Light consistently burning for 12 hours or more per day;
  • Consistency in watering every day during the growing cycle (some seeds need more water than others);
  • All food grade materials; and
  • A dedicated place, space or environment in which to grow them.

We also sanitize and soak our seed on the front end, a specialized process that requires specialized products.

Some folks also like to have a scale to

  • weigh the seed being used on the front end and
  • weigh the harvested microgreens on the back end.

If you’re willing to

  • gather all of these materials; and
  • run your seeds through the proper sanitizing, soaking and growing processes;

to grow your own microgreens, go for it!

You can also let us handle the whole process for you.

And alternatively, we plan to provide microgreens growing kits some time in the future.

It’s your choice. 😊

Author: Vicki Simons

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