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Microgreens Loyalty Card

What is a Microgreens Loyalty Card?

The Microgreens Loyalty Card issued by NKBJ Microgreens has been designed to reward our Subscription Program members by giving them free microgreens after they buy a certain number of orders.

Details of Our Microgreens Loyalty Card

1. Become a Subscription Program member who orders our microgreens at least once every 2 weeks.

2. Place 9 orders of microgreens within 6 months (each order of which may consist of multiple Live Grow Trays full of living microgreens).

3. Get the 10th order FREE!

Microgreens Loyalty Card FAQ

1. Do I have to present my Microgreens Loyalty Card every time fresh microgreens are delivered?

The first time Michael issues a Microgreens Loyalty Card to a Subscription Program member, it will be delivered in a sealable plastic bag.

Please make it available at the time Michael delivers your products and picks up your empty Live Grow Trays.

If you prefer to leave the card in the bag with the empty Live Grow Trays, just make sure it can’t blow away or be removed without your knowledge.

Note: Your Microgreens Loyalty Card will be delivered when your second order is delivered.

2. How will Michael keep up with my orders?

Every time Michael delivers an order and you present your card (or leave it per the answer to Question #1 above), he will write in the date your order was delivered and make a mark on your card.

All marks will be added to a Microgreens Loyalty Card consecutively, meaning for Order 1, Order 2, Order 3, etc.

Only one Microgreens Loyalty Card will be issued at a time.

Once you have accrued 9 orders, you’ll be eligible for a 10th order for free!

3. What if I misplace my Microgreens Loyalty Card?

We recommend that you put it somewhere where it won’t be misplaced.

To be reminded of your progress at a glance, we suggest attaching the bag and your Microgreens Loyalty Card in a prominent location, such as on the front of your refrigerator or a message board you view often.

4. Is there a Microgreens Loyalty Card expiration period?


All orders on a single card must be placed within a 6-month period of time (26 weeks).

For those who order every 2 weeks, 9 orders are placed over an 18-week period of time, which is less than 26 weeks.

5. I’ve ordered microgreens in the past, so are any orders retroactive?


We began issuing Microgreens Loyalty Cards on June 18, 2020.

6. Why are you offering free microgreens?

We learned about microgreens loyalty programs from someone who sells microgreens in another state.

We think it’s a great idea!

Besides, most people like getting something for free — especially if they’re already committed to a product or service.

This is just another way to reward our faithful Subscription Program members. 😊

7. How many Live Grow Trays are in an order?

To qualify for free delivery in the greater Aiken, SC, area, our customers order a minimum of $15 worth of microgreens.

Subscription Program members who qualify for a Microgreens Loyalty Card order from us
– either every week
– or every two weeks.

Currently, we have 2 microgreens crops that cost more than $15 (only one of which is listed on our order form), so a Live Grow Tray containing one of these crops constitutes a minimum order.

Of course, you can order as many Live Grow Trays full of microgreens in a single order as you like. 😊

8. If each order consists of multiple Live Grow Trays, will my free order consist of the same?


Most of our Subscription Program members buy the same products with every order.

When that happens, it is easy to know exactly what the free 10th order will contain.

If you’re adventurous and you like to order different products on a single Microgreens Loyalty Card, we’ll have to verify which free microgreens you want for your 10th order.

9. Is there a limit to how many microgreens I can get for free?

Not at this time.

The more microgreens that are ordered in Orders 1-9, the more microgreens you can get for free on the 10th.

10. What if I have to take a break from ordering microgreens for a little while?

As long as all of the orders on your Microgreens Loyalty Card are placed within 6 months (26 weeks), you still qualify for free microgreens on the 10th order. 😊

11. If I submit a photo and description of how I used microgreens in my food or beverage, can I still get 20% off my next order?


That’s another one of the ways that we “love on” our customers.

12. Will I receive a reward if I refer other people?

We reward both referrers (Subscription Program members) and referees (those who were referred, who become Subscription Program members) with a 20% discount on their next order of microgreens.



Would you like to become a Subscription Program member or get more info?

Ask a question through our site or message us through our Facebook page.





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