Reserved Microgreens – For Your Choice Of Products

Our Reserved Microgreens option works the same way that it does as reserving a table at a restaurant, to make sure that it is waiting for you when you arrive so that you don’t have to wait.

Reserved MicrogreensArrange for Reserved Microgreens to ensure products of your choice are harvested and ready to your payment and pick up at the Aiken County Farmers Market on the following Saturday.

Here’s how our Reserved Microgreens option works:

  • you contact Michael by no later than noon on the Friday before the Saturday of pick up, to let him know how many deli trays of which microgreens you will definitely buy the following day;
  • your order will be harvested, packaged, labeled, and set aside for you at our table on a first-reserved, first-packaged basis;
  • you arrive at our table at the Aiken County Farmers Market on Saturday by no later than 10 a.m. to pay for and pick up your order; and
  • you understand that any microgreens reserved but not picked up by 10 a.m. on Saturday may be sold to someone else.

We used to harvest products in advance of the Aiken County Farmers Market, but starting in 2021, Michael is harvesting them fresh at our table, based on each customer’s order.

You may see a list of the crops currently grown with love.

By taking the action to get Reserved Microgreens, you save the time it takes for Michael to harvest your product at our table, up to 5 minutes per deli tray to harvest, package, and label them.

Please remember that if you think you’re going to be ordering the same microgreens from week to week, it is best to become a Subscription Program member with a Microgreens Loyalty Card.

Also, upon request, Michael can grow other microgreens products that our customers definitely commit to buying.

Simply call or text him at the number shown below.


Author: Vicki Simons