Second Harvest

It is possible to get a second harvest off some microgreens because they are so prolific and eager to grow!

Planting, growing, harvesting and weighing a second harvest of microgreens.The collage of photos here shows our first ever attempt to regrow microgreens from its original mat of organic coconut coir (the growing media of our choice).

In the upper left corner, Mike Simons is lifting a coconut coir mat in which he had previously grown — and from which he had harvested a crop of — speckled pea microgreens.

In the upper right corner, you can see that the microgreens have “grown back” or put out another goodly amount of speckled pea microgreens, definitely worth a second harvest.

In the lower left corner, Mike is cutting from within the Earthbox a second harvest of speckled pea microgreens.

In the lower right corner, Mike has determined that he was able to glean an additional 22.3-22.4 ounces of speckled pea microgreens, these being from the second harvest.

In our opinion, the microgreens from the second harvest taste just as good as those from the first harvest.

Some microgreens growers may gladly sell second harvest microgreens at a reduced price compared to first harvest greens.

We have also cut a second harvest of microgreens from trays left indoors.

Author: Vicki Simons

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