About SecondIncomeForTruckers.com

SecondIncomeForTruckers.com was designed by Vicki Simons to help professional truck drivers learn how to earn a second income from the cabs of their trucks.

Having been a professional truck driver with her husband Mike, Vicki Simons launched Truck-Drivers-Money-Saving-Tips.com in January 2009.

As the years passed, it became apparent that many truckers’ wages were not keeping up with

  • either what was required of them (more and more work for no more pay)
  • or inflation.

In April 2013, Vicki added the “Earn More, Save More” section to the monthly-published Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter. Each month, Vicki

  • highlights something in the news that has negatively impacted the wages of one or more professional truck drivers and
  • provides a potential solution.

Vicki realized that while some professional truck drivers have the foundation for earning more money from the cabs of their trucks, many do not. For that reason, she undertook the task of writing an overview of how truckers can begin to earn a second income from the cabs of their trucks.


Second Income for Truckers E-Course

In March 2016, Vicki first shared that she had written the “Second Income for Truckers E-Course”, a 21-session course available by autoresponder. Sessions 1-4 were free — and access could be made to Sessions 5-21 for a low cost compared to the value.


Second Income for Truckers Report

In late 2016, Vicki decided to expand the information in her e-course and to change its format. Instead of being available by email over time, she decided to put all of the info in digital report format (in a .PDF document).

She decided to create

Note: At this time, it is not possible to buy Second Income for Truckers Report without first having subscribed to receive Second Income for Truckers Video Mini-Course. This way, every person who purchases the Report is ready for what it contains.


Domain Notation

In December 2016, Vicki launched SecondIncomeForTruckers.com.

The domain name SecondIncomeForTruckers.com forwards to this secure site on NKBJInfoNetLLC.com.


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